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Snow white rectangle kitchen backsplash

Cleaning Tips to Prolong The Life of Your Kitchen Backsplash

Once your new kitchen renovation is done, you’ll want to make sure to continue it’s upkeep which is especially important for your backsplash. The backsplash gets exposed to a lot of action so it needs to be cleaned regularly, and do so the right way. The backsplash is commonly overlooked and provides your walls with […]

Couple in kitchen

Fun Things to Add to a Newly Installed Kitchen

There are limitless opportunities for productivity, creativity and efficiency in a brand new kitchen. The space is entirely clean, mostly empty and there is plenty of room for various additions to help make your experience in the kitchen even better. Thousands of kitchen devices and additions are available on the market today, and it’s difficult […]

Small kitchen island

Your Small Kitchen Can Look Great With These Kitchen Island Ideas

Kitchen islands don’t only make big kitchens look good, but they can make a smaller kitchen look just as amazing too with some simple creativity. Islands are great additions to any kitchen both from a design standpoint and a practical one, but it’s very common for people with smaller kitchens to feel discouraged about their […]

Example of stylish kitchen accessories

Professional Tips For Accessorizing Your New Kitchen

Tips for making your new kitchen look beautiful! Your brand new kitchen is a blank slate waiting to be accessorized, and it’s also one of the trickiest rooms to accessorize effectively. Kitchens are bustling areas of activity that require both style and maximum efficiency, and there are thousands of accessories from which to choose from. […]

Example of ceramic flooring in the kitchen

Popular Kitchen Flooring Ideas For Your Kitchen Reno

Discover Popular Kitchen Flooring Ideas Before you renovate your kitchen, discover some of the more popular kitchen flooring ideas that are in demand with home owners today. Choosing the right style and type of flooring is very important because if you get it wrong you’ll have to live with the results and you will have […]

Cabinets floors countertops renovation

Top 10 Compelling Reasons To Renovate Your Kitchen

So You Want To Renovate Your Kitchen! Deciding to renovate your kitchen is not easy so to help you, we put together a list of the top 10 compelling reasons to actually go for it. Over the years, your kitchen experiences a lot of wear and tear from cooking, moisture, heat, spilled food and beverages and […]

Kitchen countertop styles

10 Popular Kitchen Countertop Styles

Everyone Loves A Beautiful Kitchen Countertop! Replacing your countertops or installing new ones is one of the best upgrades you can make in your kitchen. You’d be amazed how sleek, stylish and inviting any kitchen becomes when you have a brand new countertop installed. You can also use your new custom countertops as a starting […]


Tips For Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home – Keep it Clean! After your new kitchen has been built, you can use these cleaning tips to help you keep your cabinets and countertops functioning properly and looking brand new. You’ve dedicated a lot of time into your investment, so it’s only natural that you’ll want […]

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