Popular Types and Styles of Kitchen Islands

Example of kitchen islandKitchen islands are a great way to increase your kitchen’s functionality, value and storage capacity. They’re also a fun way to show off your personality but how can you tell if the island is right for you? The following are 10 different types and styles of kitchen islands you can explore.

Traditional Kitchen Island and Workstation

A traditional kitchen island is a workstation that can be used for an array of tasks like food prep, eating and entertaining. 

This type of island has a countertop, sink and a lot of storage space. They’re usually rectangular in shape because they’re designed to fill the space between your stove and refrigerator.

They also come as square-shaped but the rectangular shape is the most common.

Kitchen Island with a Raised Countertop

Raised countertop islandA raised countertop island is a great place to put your microwave. You can also use it to put in a small sink, like an under-the-counter sink that fits into the corner.

It can be used for more room for food prep and you could also use the space by adding a small stove stove and/or fridge, or other utility. If you have the room you can even add an under-the-counter dishwasher or simply use the extra space for storage.

Kitchen islands with raised countertops are usually connected with electrical outlets and other features that give them great convenience. The raised sections can be used as table-tops for the family to eat on and if you have enough room you can install a TV or monitor so your family can enjoy a show together. Here are a few more ways you can use a raised countertop island:

  • used as a bar
  • use as a workstation
  • use as a place to study
  • use as a place to store kitchen items

There are literally hundreds of design and styles to choose from and you can even have your raised island completely customized to your specific needs too.

Kitchen Island with Pull-out Table

You’re going to love the pull-out table island. One of the most common kitchen island styles is the pull-out table.

This style can be used as a work surface when cooking, preparing food or just , and it can also be used as a dining table for eating. For example, if you’re making a meal for your family and need more than just one place setting near the stovetop, this type of island gives you an easy way to have everyone seated around it at once.

It’s also great for hosting parties—you can add more seating without having to purchase additional furniture! Plus these types are great for kids who need something safe and sturdy on which to play games or eat lunchtime snacks.

The One-wall Kitchen Island

One-wall kitchen islands are a great idea for small kitchens and home cooks who don’t have much space to spare. These types of kitchen islands are also a good option if you’re short on countertop space, as they provide the same functionality without requiring additional space.

They can give you enough extra space and used like regular countertops as prep surfaces, food preparation areas or simply to store countertop appliances. If your kitchen could use a little more space but you still want an island, click here to see how kitchen islands not only make big kitchens look good, but they can make a smaller kitchen look better too.

Stacked Kitchen Cabinet Island

A stacked kitchen cabinet island is an island that has a lower level. This allows you to add all kinds of storage and helps a lot with organization and additional seating. If you’re looking to create a breakfast bar in your kitchen, a stacked kitchen island could be the way to go.

Stacking the islands can be done in any number of ways—you can have one large open area with no barrier between them or create a wall between each one by adding shelving or cabinets. This arrangement will make it more like two separate islands.

Along with great storage, these extra spaces also make great places for small kitchen appliances or dishes that are regularly used but don’t need to be out in the open.

The Kitchen Island Bar Combo

Kitchen island with table seatingIf you’re looking for a kitchen island that can double as a bar, this is the one for you. It provides seating space, making it perfect for small kitchens and tight work spaces. 

Mobile Kitchen Island Cart

Mobile kitchen island carts are the perfect choice for small kitchens that need more counter space. The cart can be easily moved around the kitchen allowing you to place it wherever you need it most.

It can be used as an island or table that’s perfect for preparing meals, or even as a breakfast bar where friends can sit and chat while they enjoy coffee and breakfast together.

Mobile kitchen carts are very easy to clean—you simply wipe them down with a wet cloth—but of course like all counter surfaces, they need to be regularly disinfected.

The Kitchen Peninsula—Breakfast Bar

The kitchen peninsula and breakfast bar are two different styles of islands that have many things in common. For example, they both provide extra counter space in your kitchen and they can be used for eating, cooking and even cleaning. Their name is a little misleading because the two styles are often used interchangeably.

While people sometimes refer to these types of islands as peninsulas, the term refers to a portion of land that connects with another body at only one point such as a countertop. A peninsula does not have any sides or walls—it’s just a point that connects with something else at one end.

Should You Install an Island in Your Kitchen?

If you’re looking for a new way to use your kitchen space, an island is a great option—whether you want to make your kitchen more functional or just add some extra seating space. Even if you have smaller kitchen, you still have options

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