Your Small Kitchen Can Look Great With These Kitchen Island Ideas

Kitchen islands don’t only make big kitchens look good, but they can make a smaller kitchen look just as amazing too with some simple creativity. Islands are great additions to any kitchen both from a design standpoint and a practical one, but it’s very common for people with smaller kitchens to feel discouraged about their options for kitchen islands.

Small kitchen islandNot anymore. Limited space doesn’t have to mean limited possibilities. With a little creativity, you can reap the benefits of a fantastic island in any kitchen no matter how small it is.

It Comes Down to the Shape of Your Kitchen

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, and islands come in just as many shapes and sizes to effectively match their environments.

Choosing a matching shape for your island isn’t just for aesthetics. Shape also affects its practicality. For instance, if you have a round kitchen and you install a rectangular island, you may end up creating some cramped spots near the corners.

Go with Smaller Freestanding Options

The Benefits of Freestanding Islands

Permanently installed islands are very nice to have in larger kitchens, but there’s not much of a point in getting permanent islands in smaller kitchens. Plus there’s no practical reason for an island to only be stationary.

Luckily, there are many freestanding options that provide all of the benefits of permanent islands. They look nearly identical to permanent islands, they come with a wide variety of storage options, and they’re available in so many styles and colours that you’re certain to find one that will perfectly match your kitchen’s décor.

Smaller Island are Easier to Move

In addition, smaller freestanding islands are about as easy to move as a dining room table. You can set the island in your kitchen and move it wherever you want without having to worry about permanent damage or wasting money on professional installation. If you have the storage space for it, you can also completely remove it from the area whenever you want and return it later.

Seek Portability

If you’re looking for the best island option in terms of portability, you can’t get much better than a kitchen island cart. With a kitchen island cart you can have the exact look and feel of a fancy kitchen island while enjoying the convenience of easily moving it around on wheels.

Check Out Drop Leaf Kitchen Islands

Drop leaf kitchen islands provide you with the option of expanding the counter space of your island temporarily with a hanging leaf that lifts and drops back down with one simple motion.

Consider Two-tiered Islands

You can double the functionality of your island by allocating half to food preparation and half to dining and entertaining with a two-tiered island. Many homeowners also use two-tiered islands as a makeshift bar. The top section is used for preparing drinks, the lower section is used for serving the drinks and the storage sections can be turned into wine racks and coolers for easy access.

Two-tiered islands can be great for smaller sized kitchens and spice up the look of the whole room.

Save Money, Gain Space

Small kitchen island for storageKitchen islands can be very complex but smaller kitchens call for simplicity. You can buy an island that has a few drawers, shelves or cabinets, or one that only provides more counter space. 

Hide Garbage Bins

Here’s a great idea. Even if your kitchen is small, you can use a kitchen island to store garbage bins.

Trash bins are an unattractive part of any kitchen, but they are a necessity. Instead of having your garbage bin taking up space on the floor, get a kitchen island with a trash receptacle built in.

Not only does this help free up room and eliminate an eyesore, but it also gives you a convenient spot to dispose of waste.

Some islands have holes drilled into the countertop that lead to the waste bins that are stored underneath. This setup lets you easily dispose of scraps without having to continuously open the doors or drawers where the bins are stored.

Once you’ve chosen an island that fits your kitchen nicely, read our latest article for tips on accessorizing your kitchen to give it some personality.


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