Things to Consider Before Designing a New Kitchen


Example kitchen remodelIf you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, congratulations but when designing a new kitchen, there are a few things to keep in mind before you proceed. A kitchen remodel is one of the best ways to improve the appearance of your home and increase its value.

While this list does not cover every point of a remodel, the following points will help give you some initial insight as to what to expect before a kitchen remodel and some of the things you’ll have to do.

Consider The Kitchen’s Current Layout

Before a redesign, considering the current layout of your kitchen is important. Take all the notes you’ll need to before the redesign process because you may decide to make some big changes. 

Some major design changes could be affected by the following:

  • Adding a new window or removing one
  • Changing the locations of your sliding doors or adding them
  • The flooring you require (e.g. scratch resistant)
  • The amount of cabinetry required
  • A kitchen island (small or large)
  • How much traffic the kitchen gets in proximity to other rooms
  • Does the space allow you to eat in the kitchen or other rooms
  • How your pets are cared for in the current setting
  • Whether walls will be torn down, or built
  • The addition of doors leading to the outside
  • The type of lighting that will be added

Your best course of action is to take initial notes yourself and then talk to a professional kitchen designer who will sit down with you and go over your list and have a few more suggestions for you to consider too.

Examine Your Budget

Your budget is something that has to be taken into consideration too. When it comes to kitchens there are so many options and choosing the ones that work for you can feel financially overwhelming.

Before and after you speak with your kitchen designer, find ways to save money by doing some research on the products and features you want. This process helps you determine how much money you actually have for your project and what type of budgeting will work best for plans.

Researching also helps you determine the look and style that you’re going for before getting started on the design process. This will help narrow down your choices into something more manageable and financially realistic.

Going over your budget will help in some the following areas:

  • Determining whether you want new appliances and which ones
  • Deciding if you can afford new flooring
  • How much reconstruction you can do
  • Deciding on new cabinetry or keeping your current cabinets
  • Deciding to add a kitchen island or not

Another big part of budgeting comes from finding ways within each specific category (i.e., countertops, cabinets, flooring) where value still exists or needs upgrading. Despite some prices and costs having increased due to recent inflation (2022) you may want to consider more affordable cheaper alternatives when making any final decisions.

Choosing Your Kitchen Design Style

Rolling spice drawerOne major thing you’ll have to do before spending any money or surveying the area in and around your kitchen is deciding on the style you want. There are literally hundreds of styles (we’ve covered the most popular ones here) and because you’ll have to live with your choice, you’ll need to make it a good one. 

Here are some main points related to the style of kitchen design you choose to consider:

  • Make sure the design style fits your personality
  • Does the style you choose match the rest of your home
  • Will your choice of design fit your budget
  • Does the style of kitchen fit your lifestyle
  • Will your family nicely integrate into the new style

For instance, if you have a busy family and the kitchen is the main focal point of the home, you could consider installing a kitchen island so the team can meet, talk and temporarily store items like keys, books, school work and so forth.

If your family spends a lot of time in the backyard, installing a set of sliding doors could be an interesting option. These and more are all the things to consider, but you’ll be able to get more understanding of your needs after you speak to your designer.

Consider The Appliances You Want

Fridge applianceYour appliances are the beating heart of your kitchen. Without appliances your kitchen is just an empty room. They’re also the first things people notice when they walk in, but if your budget has room for new appliances, choose carefully. The idea is to make sure they’re as beautiful—but more importantly—as functional as possible.

Here’s what you should consider before buying any new appliance:

  • Future needs: Ask yourself whether your current appliances will be enough for your future needs. Are your children turning into teenagers and having lots of friends over or parties? If so a larger fridge would be needed. Are your children on the verge of moving out? If so a smaller more efficient fridge could suffice. 
  • Energy efficiency: Although energy efficiency can vary wildly from refrigerator-to-refrigerator and brand-to-brand some models are definitely better than others when it comes to saving money on electricity bills. Be vigilant about reading reviews online before making any appliance purchases.
  • Space: Before you embark on your new kitchen design, you’ll have to consider the space required for your current or new appliances. This will involve measuring and determining whether new appliances are necessary and in the cards or not. This also applies to installing new dishwashers. During some kitchen renos customers decide they want a dishwasher and if the space permits, go for it, but if you feel you may not need it you can design that space for other uses.

The Take Home

Remodelling a new kitchen can feel overwhelming but most of the brunt work will be done by your designer—you can count on them and rest assured that you’ll get all the direction and help you need from them when you need it. If you need more information feel free to contact us at 519-445-1471 or on our quote form with any of your questions.

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