Trendy Kitchen Design Ideas That Are Still Popular

Thinking about a kitchen renovation and need some design ideas? This is a list of some popular kitchen ideas that give you inspiration. Because the kitchen is one of the most visited rooms in the home, and arguably the most popular, making sure you explore all your options is important to getting the design right the first time.

Read on to explore our list of the top trendy kitchen design ideas that are still popular today.

Open Pantry Style Kitchen

Open pantry kitchen designThe convenience of an open pantry kitchen is all that it’s cracked up to be. Easy access to condiments, spices, measuring cups and whatever else you need to put that amazing Sunday brunch together is why the open pantry style is so popular.

You can choose rustic wood shelving, classical or even modern shelving, but the end result is easy access, convenience, stylish and mess free. Once your doors are removed you can customize the height of your selves to match the items you wish to store, and note that an open pantry design can be added to virtually every kitchen layout.

If you don’t want to go all out you can remove only a couple shelf doors to see how you feel without them. Some drawbacks to open shelf kitchens is the increased need to dust the shelves or needed more shelves for things you want to hide away.

The Country Kitchen Idea

Country kitchenEven if you live in a big city or the suburbs, you can still enjoy the look and feel of a country style kitchen. The country style kitchen doesn’t need to look rustic and old fashioned—those days are gone—but can still be modern and stylish where your family and guests love spending their time in your home.

Some of the key features of a country style kitchen design are stone or dark-wood flooring, vintage looking fixtures, stone countertops or traditional wood countertops, a larder cupboard, and and old fashioned-looking butler’s sink. You can combine the rustic look and feel with everyday modern updates to really make your country kitchen feel at home.

An Enclosed Kitchen

Enclosed kitchenMore common in older kitchens, the enclosed kitchen is still a popular choice for many home owners. For many kitchen renos, homeowners usually opt-in for taking down a wall or two and making the room more spacious. The enclosed kitchen design does just the opposite and creates a comfortable, privatized room that’s separate from the living and dining room.

This design choice involves adding walls and crafty barriers into kitchens that started off as open concept, and turning them into separate spaces. If space permits, the kitchen can be designed to be completely closes off from the rest of the home like a typical older-style kitchen does.

A Coastal Kitchen Remodel

Coastal kitchen themeThis kind of kitchen design is quite popular with homeowners that appreciate a coastal look and feel of their kitchen. Light blues, and interesting shades of with light grey or dark accents is what makes the coastal kitchen a design to die for. This kitchen looks best with a decent sized kitchen island, and filled with lots of coastal themed decor. 

The blue theme can easily be replaced with lighter greens like medium sea green, emerald or jade green. Of course light hardwood floors will always compliment a coastal kitchen them, and give off the vibe of living near the sea.

This design can also utilize white light and light accents. The coastal kitchen trend has been gaining steam over the past decade and because of its simplicity, end up standing the test of time.

The Breakfast Kitchen

Breakfast kitchenThe breakfast style kitchen is designed to have the look and feel of a traditional kitchen where the family meets every morning for breakfast. The breakfast kitchen is usually designed to make dining less formal but big enough for the family to eat together.

They can be designed in an array of styles, accents and accessories, and are usually designed to take advantage of natural light if windows are present in the room.

The Antique Kitchen Style

Antique kitchen table settingsSome kitchen lovers like to take things way back with the antique kitchen design style and we don’t blame them. The antique kitchen design goes a long way to creating a vintage look and feel with timeless looking cabinetry, repurposed furniture, brass hardware and warming colour pallets and accents. The antique kitchen adds an elegant design to your kitchen and compliments your entire home.

Everything you need to find to fill up and decorate your antique style kitchen can be found at local thrift stores and antique shops. Even if you don’t go for a complete renovation, after a quick visit to the antique store, you find all the right fixings to make your kitchen look as authentic and antique as they used to look in the old days.

Remember to Get Stylish

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes but almost no kitchen design idea can go without a kitchen island. Check out these neat kitchen island ideas that will add a whole new dimension to the overall design of your kitchen. 


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