Professional Tips For Accessorizing Your New Kitchen

Tips for making your new kitchen look beautiful!

Example of stylish kitchen accessoriesYour brand new kitchen is a blank slate waiting to be accessorized, and it’s also one of the trickiest rooms to accessorize effectively. Kitchens are bustling areas of activity that require both style and maximum efficiency, and there are thousands of accessories from which to choose from.

Luckily, there are many professional methods to making accessorizing easier. Here are some of the best professional tips to help you create an amazingly customized new kitchen that will impress any house guest.

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Here is a list of some simple but professional tips for accessorizing your new kitchen. 

Keep Workspaces Clear

There is usually a decent amount of spare room for accessories in the average kitchen. With that said, many people still decide to put décor and gadgetry in workspaces. For example, if there is a spot where you usually use your cutting board or a prepping area that you use while you’re baking, keep these areas free of accessories to avoid having to move the items whenever you cook.

It’s also a good idea to store pots and pans in the cupboard, or hang them on the wall, or on a kitchen island pot rack instead of keeping them on the stove top. This makes everything look clean and organized, and it helps to substantially reduce clutter.

Utilize Lazy Susans in Various Places

Lazy Susans make organizing and accessing kitchen items extremely easy. These rotating trays come in a huge variety of sizes, styles, materials, and colours that can match any kitchen décor.

They can be conveniently placed in nearly any spot in the kitchen such as the cabinet, refrigerator, table and counter. You can even buy tiered lazy Susans to store more items and in the end, they’re an accessory that makes your kitchen look great and feel completely organized. 

You can read our recent article for popular kitchen countertop styles for tips on choosing the right style of countertop when upgrading your kitchen. 

Use Air-Tight, Clear Food Containers

A fantastic way of keeping your food fresh while also improving organization in your kitchen is by storing it in clear air-tight containers. Uniform plastic or glass containers are easy to stack and store, and you’ll be able to instantly tell what food is in which container since the material is clear.

In addition, these containers can be easily labeled to make identification even quicker and easier. Some of these containers even have convenient erasable labels in case you want to switch out food items with something else.

Labeled food storage containers are also more aesthetically pleasing than commercial packaging. You can place them on your custom counter tops or shelves without making the kitchen look messy and some clear containers—like mason or jelly jars—are frequently used purely for decoration.

You can also fill them up with such accessories like potpourri, tiny string lights, seashells, or coloured sand and add a nostalgic and classic feel to your kitchen will always be pleasing to the eye.

Add a Few Pops of Color

Even new kitchens can seem lifeless and bland at first without some pops of colour to break everything up.

An old-fashioned but effective method of colourizing a kitchen is by placing a bowl of fresh fruit or a vase filled with flowers on the counter. You can also use coloured rugs, decorative soap dispensers, styled dishes, and even colourful appliances to brighten up the kitchen.

If you’re not sure which colours will work best, collect some paint swatches from your local hardware store and compare the colours to the palette used in the kitchen. 

Grow Fresh Herbs or Spices in Your Windowsill

Pots of herbs in windowsA great way to accessorize your new kitchen while also being efficient is by growing a few herbs or spices in tiny pots on your windowsill. Not only are these plants cute and colourful, but you’ll also be able to grab fresh herbs and spices for meals whenever you need them.

Herb and spice plants also tend to make a room smell nice, and caring for a few plants is a fun little project that anyone including your children can partake in.

Add Art to the Walls

If you have the available wall space, fill it with interesting and colourful art pieces.

Paintings are a great addition to any kitchen, and anything from realism to abstract art will fit right in on your kitchen walls.

Recently it’s become quite trendy to hang classic painted posters and advertisements of beloved food brands or restaurants in the kitchens too. Just make sure you protect your art pieces from food splatters and heat by keeping them in high-quality frames and firmly securing them to the wall.

Display Some Popular Cookbooks

Kitchen cookbook in windowsillBooks look great in any room, and cookbooks make the perfect addition to a new kitchen. You can place a single large cookbook out on a book stand, or nestle a small collection of cookbooks between two stylish bookends.

If you need to, you can easily access your favourite recipes from your cookbooks instead of having to dig them out of the drawer or searching through a big bookshelf.

Plus, not only will you be able to easily sift through interesting recipes before you make a meal, your visitors will appreciate the interesting look of your kitchen while showing them you know your stuff when it comes to putting together a meal. 

Use a Magnetic Refrigerator Rack

The side of your refrigerator is a completely open space, but most people neglect to use it unless they’re hanging up a grocery list or restaurant take-out menu.

You can make much better use of that space by hanging up a magnetic refrigerator rack. Spices, utensils, dish towels, paper towels and more can all be conveniently organized on these racks and placed on the side of the refrigerator for quick and easy access.

Add Accent Lighting to the Cabinets

If you have glass cabinet doors in your new kitchen, you have an opportunity to make your cabinets a highlight of your kitchen décor. Simply attach some accent lighting along the inner frame of your cabinets and enjoy the soft glow that it provides to the entire room.

Not only does accent lighting in the cabinets make the entire room look warm and cozy, but it makes finding items within the cabinets much easier.

Best of all, accent lights come in a nearly endless array of colours, and some features allow you to actually change colours on demand. You can’t go wrong with the traditional white light, but changing it up to match the surrounding colour theme or holiday season makes your kitchen cabinets even more unique and fun.

Use Dish Towels as Decorations

This may seem counter-intuitive because dish towels have many practical purposes, but it’s a good idea to hang a few dish towels around purely as decoration.

Everyone has dish towels hanging in their kitchen, but they get dingy and stained quickly after a few uses. Instead, reserve a few stylish and colourful dish towels purely for hanging up as decorations, and keep some plain dish towels in the drawer or custom cabinets for practical purposes.

Choose Your Kitchen Curtains Wisely

Kitchen with blinds in the windowCurtains and blinds can easily make or break the appearance of any room, and the kitchen is definitely no exception.

When selecting kitchen blinds or curtains, you’ll want a fabric or material that is light and sheer to allow some sunshine to come through while still providing you with privacy when needed.

The material should also be easy to clean since food and beverages will occasionally splatter on them at some point. 

When selecting the colour, you’ll want to choose a tone that has good contrast with the rest if your kitchen, but isn’t too bright. Unlike the smaller pops of colour peppered throughout the kitchen—like flowers or dishes—brightly coloured curtains and blinds can become an eyesore very quickly.


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