Top 10 Compelling Reasons To Renovate Your Kitchen

So You Want To Renovate Your Kitchen!

Deciding to renovate your kitchen is not easy so to help you, we put together a list of the top 10 compelling reasons to actually go for it. Over the years, your kitchen experiences a lot of wear and tear from cooking, moisture, heat, spilled food and beverages and lots of foot traffic. For a lot of people, despite their kitchen being worn and torn, they don’t find the idea of a kitchen remodel appealing because it requires a lot of time and money.

Cabinets floors countertops renovationDespite the hesitation, there are many practical reasons to choose a kitchen renovation, especially if you have the time and money for the investment. 

The following are the top 10 compelling reasons to renovate your kitchen.

1. Deterioration Issues Are Fixed

One of the best and most common reasons to get a kitchen renovation is to fix all of the issues that have been caused by deterioration. 

Cracked floor tiles, chipped and discoloured countertops, cabinet doors that have come off their hinges; drawers with missing handles, poorly performing or broken appliances, and many more issues accumulate over time in every kitchen.

Instead of fixing one or two small things whenever you get around to it, it’s a much better idea to give the entire kitchen a complete overhaul, and get every problem resolved at once.

2. The Kitchen Style Is Updated

If your house is even ten or twenty years old, your kitchen style is probably quite outdated. Your kitchen may be perfectly usable, but if it’s not enjoyable to look at, and you won’t want to spend much time there.

Renovating your kitchen will make it stylish again, give it warmth and make it inviting. A renovation will make you proud to show off your new kitchen to your friends and family. Meals and parties will be much better than before.

3. You Save Money With An Energy Efficient Kitchen

Countertops cabinets floors renovationOld kitchens tend to have appliances and designs that are not energy efficient. You’re probably wasting lots of money on your energy bills without even knowing it simply because you have an outdated kitchen.

To make a kitchen more energy efficient, you install wider windows for natural lighting, increase the amount of insulation in the walls and ceiling which lowers cooling and heating costs, and you use Energy Star approved appliances, doors and windows.

4. You Can Make Your Kitchen More Eco-Friendly

In addition to being energy inefficient (see above point), old kitchens are also not as eco-friendly as they should be. You can put great effort into going green in your new kitchen by choosing eco-friendly construction materials, using green contractors and creating a spot proper for recycling and compost.

5. You Improve The Functionality Of Your Kitchen

The original design of your kitchen may have been fine for someone else, but it might not work anymore for you or your family. Imagine how much easier and less frustrating it would be to have a kitchen designed to custom-fit your needs.

Kitchen remodel blue printIt’s easy too. During your consultation, you’ll learn and discuss of the available options that will let you customize your kitchen to your needs and requirements. 

For example, you could increase counter space, install more kitchen cabinets and shelves, get a high-performance dishwasher, install a breakfast bar, or buy a bigger refrigerator or freezer.

You can install a kitchen island with a chef sink, install a built-in cutting board and literally so much more. A kitchen reno lets you get the most out of your kitchen, and make it your own.

6. You Can Create a Smart Kitchen

Speaking of getting the most out of your kitchen, the innovations made in smart technologies in recent years have completely revolutionized the kitchen. Nearly every part of your kitchen can be improved with smart technology during a remodel.

For instance with smart kitchen tech, you can get a smart stove that helps prevent food from burning and guides you through recipes. You can install a smart refrigerator that keeps inventory of your food items, automatically creates grocery lists, and allows you to see inside the fridge without even opening it.

There are smart blenders, toasters, kitchen scales, thermometers, coffee makers and even trash cans. All these new technologies will make your kitchen much easier to use, and make your time more efficient.

7. You Gain More Accessibility Features

If there are people in your home with special needs, your current kitchen design is probably not be very accommodating to them. A kitchen remodeller or contractor can guide you through some great remodeling options for your kitchen to make it more accessible for individuals with physical limitations.

For example, you can install counters that can be lowered for easier access for people in wheelchairs. Higher cabinets can be designed to have shelves that can be lowered down to counter level. The floor can be made with a non-skid material, and lower cabinets can have shelves that can be easily pulled out. 

At your kitchen remodelling consultation, you can bring up any accessibility questions you have. 

8. Rebates, Loans and Grants

Cost is certainly a big concern for many people who want to renovate their kitchens, but you may be able to ease some of pain in your wallet.

For example, if you need to renovate to make your kitchen more accessible to people with special needs, you could get special Home Adaptations for Seniors’ Independence (HASI) funding to help cover the expenses. If you’re updating your kitchen to be more energy efficient, you may be eligible for a government rebate.

If the repairs made to your home are for health and safety purposes, you could be eligible for a home repair loan. These programs vary from province to province and can be affected by numerous variables, but it never hurts to check your eligibility to help ease the financial burden associated with a kitchen renovation.

9. Increase Resale Value on Your Home

A modernized and fully renovated kitchen is a big selling point when you’re putting your home on the market. Depending on the condition of your kitchen before the renovations and how much you invest in the remodel, you could see an incredible increase in your home’s resale value.

Even if you’re not planning on selling your house within the next few years, a remodel will be very attractive to potential buyers in the future. 

10. A New Kitchen Makes Cleaning A Breeze

A job is not really a job if you enjoy doing it. The same goes for cleaning your new kitchens. It’s never a chore! You’ll be so happy and delighted at the way your new kitchen looks and works so much that you’ll exited to clean it. 

Plus, unlike older kitchens, new kitchens are much easier to clean because it doesn’t have years of grime and use. So a few minutes of giving it a good wipe-down with a damn cloth, can make it look great again in no time.


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