Fun Things to Add to a Newly Installed Kitchen

Couple in kitchenThere are limitless opportunities for productivity, creativity and efficiency in a brand new kitchen. The space is entirely clean, mostly empty and there is plenty of room for various additions to help make your experience in the kitchen even better.

Thousands of kitchen devices and additions are available on the market today, and it’s difficult to know where to start looking.

After you’ve completed your kitchen renovations, you can use this list for ideas on some interesting options to make any new kitchen fun and exciting.

Put Up a Chalkboard or Whiteboard

An extremely simple but fun and useful addition to your kitchen is a chalkboard or whiteboard. Not only do chalkboards and whiteboards add some character to a home, but they’re also very useful for writing down grocery lists, appointments and other memos.

Chalkboards and whiteboards are also a lot of fun for both children and adults to draw on. You can keep a large picture up to add some cute art to the kitchen. You can also include some fun doodles to go with your memos and grocery lists.

Get a Vacuum Sealer

If you want the ultimate solution to keeping foods fresh, crisp and delicious, look no further than a vacuum sealer. Nearly any food such as meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, cheese, pasta and much more lasts for several months longer when vacuum sealed as opposed to when it’s in its original packaging.

Not only will a vacuum sealer ensure that you always have fresh foods to eat, but it will help prevent unnecessary food waste due to spoiling and save you hundreds of dollars in lost groceries.

Vacuum sealers are also great for marinating meats since they lock in the natural juices and marinade sauces quickly instead of waiting hours or even days for it to soak in while using a bowl.

You can even seal non-food items, such as photos, documents, collectibles, money, art, emergency items and more to keep them safe from moisture and other types of damage.

Install a Wine Refrigerator

Wine bottle on tableNot many people can afford an elaborate wine cellar, but the next best thing is a wine refrigerator.

Whether you’re entertaining guests, enjoying a romantic dinner with your partner or just relaxing on a night off, a wine refrigerator will prove to be a great addition to your kitchen.

Wine refrigerators are often installed in cabinet spaces or in the sides of kitchen islands to keep your wine nearby while also keeping the fridge out of the way.

Buy an Ice Cream Maker

There’s no food more fun to eat than ice cream! People of all ages love a tasty ice cream cone on a hot day, but scooping it out of a store-bought container is boring.

Plus, they’re always frozen hard, making it difficult to scoop, or freezer burned, giving it a terrible taste.

With your own ice cream maker in your new kitchen, you can have delicious fresh ice cream in any flavour whenever you want.

Modern electric ice cream makers have many features such as insulated freezer bowls, dispensers for toppings, cone holders and the option to make other types of frozen treats such as sorbet, gelato and frozen yogurt.

Give it a New Paint Job

Updated kitchens always need a new coat of paint to complete the fresh look. Any kitchen can look much better with a solid coat of paint, but to add some flair to your new kitchen consider painting patterns and designs on the walls.

You can even invite family and friends to join in on the painting and make it a fun group activity. If you or someone you know enjoys art, you can also paint nature, characters, animals or abstract art throughout your wall space to make a beautiful mural that you can admire whenever you’re working or relaxing in your new kitchen.

If you’re not a good painter, or no one in your family or friends can help, you can hire local painters who will easily be able to get the job done right. 

Before painting, make sure to properly match the colours with the rest of your kitchen decor. 

Invest in a Smart Refrigerator

Smart technology has made its way into every room of the house including the kitchen. While there are many smart devices available for the kitchen, one of the most helpful and intuitive additions is a smart refrigerator.

Some smart refrigerators let you see through the refrigerator door without opening it using internal cameras. Others let you store your own recipes or search for them online right from the fridge.

Some models will even read recipe steps aloud to you while you cook. You can create grocery list, remotely access the internal cameras of the fridge, check your inventory when you’re out, check expiration dates, shop online, create schedules and more— from one convenient location in your kitchen.

Add Stereo Speakers

If you enjoy listening to music while you cook, hosting parties or you like some musical ambiance during meals, installing stereo speakers in your kitchen is a great—and affordable idea.

External speakers can be installed very easily in the kitchen by placing them on your counters or on the top of your cabinets.

If you’d like them to be hidden out of the way, you can have the speakers installed within your cabinets or in the walls.

Many modern models  are wireless and bluetooth enabled, allowing you to connect with your home stereo, smartphone, tablet, MP3 player or other bluetooth device that can play music.

Install a TV Screen with Swivel Mount

Music isn’t the only form of entertainment that you can enjoy in your new kitchen. You can also watch television and movies while cooking or eating by installing a TV on a swivel mount on the wall.

It doesn’t matter if you like to follow along with cooking shows, or don’t want to miss out on a new episode of a TV show while making dinner, or you want to watch a movie as you and your family eat a meal—you can enjoy an unobscured view of it all right from your kitchen.

Many smart TVs are available in smaller sizes, allowing you to install a TV capable of connecting to WiFi in your kitchen. Now you can also connect to your favourite streaming services and watch web shows on your kitchen TV.

Get Creative

Make sure that you have enough space for all the new things you add to your kitchen too! If you don’t feel you have enough space, consider some of our small kitchen island ideas that can help give your kitchen more room for some of these additions.


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